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                  August Summer

                   BBQ Sauce

Barbeque sauce, a magnificant toss;
Grilling the inside and burning the outside,
BBQ sauce, BBQ sauce;
Engage in the flavor, but sustain the savor.

Picnics, ovens, and grills alike;
Many ways to stake your claims so tight,
BBQ, BBQ, barbeque;
All the flames in spite.

We like your barbeque;
That's for sure,
Give me that BBQ sauce once more;
Together with splendor don't surrender!

BBQ fights and hides it's blender;
Don't know why you would defend her,
BBQ this, BBQ that;
You know why the BBQ spat!


                  CNN Rhyme

BERMAN: Speaking of impressive, it is time now for our "Morning Rhyme." This is the best tweets of the day. Today comes from Patrick Campbell who writes, "While parts of our country are cold and icy, CNN makes the news bold and spicy."




SAMBOLIN: I like that.

BERMAN: In fact, we do.

SAMBOLIN: Bold and spicy. It's a new name. Instead of EARLY START, it is bold and spicy.

BERMAN: Sounds like a soap opera.


                  Fall Colors

Cold-comfort days,
Leaves—a thousand colors light my way;
A flock of birds in sun's rays,
Chilly hearts can play!
I want you to stay and be gone tomorrow,
Returning—starts and ends my sorrows;
A dew drop's shine in hardened mists,
Fall days to keep me crisp.


                  Waiting for the Verdict

Finished, the life of one soul
Waiting—the verdict told;
Wanting justice and clarity,
Anguishing at the delay!
The churning out of diligent debate,
Why would anyone have such hate?
Give us a murder convict—
Gasping with hope once again!


                  From an Indian Animals Daybook

                   A Glorious Ride

A glorious ride through the hills, high up on horse;
Following an instinct, energized.
Wrestling up dogs and attacking weary, wild boars;
Strong arm back and then hale forward.

Mountains, fields, streams, and rivers running to ocean depths;
Many ways to turn—riding a swollen, summer storm.
Colorful swirls of illusions distract;
Ancient chants from warrior souls add vigor, indeed.

Lashing out, divine order trims and slays.
Relentlessly at first but now stalling for answers;
Fall like champions many times before.

Angels wipe tears of joy that douse the fire;
Flying low around oblivion.

Off the horse now, crawling among empty, burnt vines;
Winter water melts, trickling in—looking for life and the crack of dawn.
Ashes spun deep—grinding more fertile soil blossomed by numerous, timeless embers.

A tree roars, looking up at the sun.

Grown a bit older now—not wounded in any particular way;
The healing spring of adultness.
Working hard toward maturity that bids the soul;
No longer silly and only captivated by gardens.
Innocence comes to reign again;
Be still.


                  Inspiration to Play Jazz . . .

Piano Player


                  Who's calling? . . .

The House Phone


Run, and don't fall down—
Recording the in between's,
Colors vary inside;
Do you know what I mean?
Please answer promptly,
Shifting the answer,
I've got it!


                  Ashes, Ashes, Ash Wednesday, We all fall down . . .

The Forehead Mark

                  A Lenten Prayer

The flames that fuel;
No—and yes—we run,
Stay in delusional secrecy;
Always pulling, always tugging,
Live behind fear and in front of fear;
Action—just action—and record your fees,
Find discipline and find freedom once again!


                  A Warty for a Wren!

. . . hope of home

The backyard at 907 F Street—home for a wren to live beside a gargoyle's watch.

                  Wren Home

Warty on wren house;
Keeps safe inside;
Quiet cove in air, a single stare
      Fly home, fly home—if you can!


                  Now Chains!!!

Best Foot First donates chain basketball net to the "Obama" Boy's Shelter on 11th and Maryland NE.

This net should last longer than the rope ones that hung shredded most of the time.

                  Blue Lines

Bounce—pah dump, pah dump, pah dump;
Outside the blue lines, foot plant, stall;
Grip push rotation—and thrust,
      Whirl, whirl, whirl;
All chain from outside the blue!


                  Changes Rock!!!

A yellow flower pokes through the pine bark covered landscape to announce a change.

Photography of Yellow Flower at 907 F in Capitol Hill for Carla

                  Now Change

Discipline provides freedom to change,
Cold in dry ground for long days;
Caution in fertile soil leads to change,
      Welcomed now, the yellow burst;
Joy runs on work done by the soul—
Relieving the spirit to walk gracefully again!


                  Happy New Year and Decade Greetings!!!

Taken December 21, 2011 at 3 AM from the back of 907 F in Capitol Hill, this photograph highlights one of many unique experiences for the passing decade—the first total lunar eclipse coinciding with the Northern Winter Solstice (Southern Summer Solstice) since 1638, and the second in the Common Era.

Photography of Rare Lunar Eclipse
                     by Dennis Rosensteel

                  Decade Promise

Graditude inspires abundant possibilities,
Mystical spirits join in with a demand for infinite wisdom;
Somber hearts build strength by reaching out to others;
A new decade and renewal of purpose—
Guiding with wonder and an anxious momentum.


                  Reaching Up!

The Washington National Cathedral still under construction after DC earthquake.

                  A Simple Life

All I wanted was a Simple Life—one spoon, one fork, one bowl, a little food, some friendship, some love, fun activities, a little work, a little exercise, some merriment, the chance to see great things, the opportunity to make great things, to give, to receive, to grieve, and to be joyous. I like to travel, I like to stay home, animals are neat; I like flowers and trees and the mountains, everything green and blue; I see darkness, I see light, I want to hide sometimes, I want to run free sometimes, my joy comes from within but I get focused on others—the sound of the ocean quiets me; when I was younger I went fast in one direction and then in another; the things I've accumulated keep me busy for sure—I owe, I'm responsible—frivolous at times—and I like to inspire people; they laugh, they cry, I'm still gaining momentum; my life Is Simple and my complexities build fortresses to keep Alive. My Life is Simple. Indeed!

                  La Vida Simple

Todo lo que quería era una vida simple de una cuchara, un tenedor, un tazón, un poco de comida, algunos amistad, algo de amor, diversión, un poco de trabajo, un poco de ejercicio, algunas alegría, la oportunidad de ver a grandes cosas, la posibilidad de hacer grandes cosas, dar, recibir, para el duelo, y a ser feliz. Me gusta viajar, me gusta quedarme en casa, los animales están ordenadas, me gusta las flores y los árboles y las montañas, todo verde y azul; veo tinieblas, que hago ver la luz, quiero ocultar a veces, quiero correr libre a veces, mi gozo viene de dentro, sino que se centra en otros-el sonido del océano me reprende; cuando era más joven me fui rápido en una dirección y, a continuación, en otro; las cosas que he acumulado me mantienen ocupado para asegurarse de que debo, yo soy responsable de frívolas a veces-y me gusta para inspirar a la gente; se ríen, lloran, todavía estoy cobrando impulso; mi vida es sencillo y mis complejidades construir fortalezas para mantener vivo. Mi vida es simple. De hecho!


                  On Bullying and Teenage Sexuality

The more we discuss bullying and sexuality issues with teenagers as the intended audience, the more we put them at risk. There's been a lot of recent media coverage on this topic with several teen suicides linked to bullying and homosexuality. Some of these kids feel strange already and drawing attention to their sexuality and who's out and who's not and who supports gay and lesbian issues and who doesn't might not have the intent we want—especially with teenagers.

The last thing that some of these awkward-feeling teenagers want to be associated with—sorry folks—is the "celebrity" status of those who are speaking out on this issue now (we love you, our gay and gay-friendly elite—Cho, Griffin, and Dunn—but not for this context). Our current socially-correct climate seems to embrace a liberal, elitist cloud that blows out windy pockets of a "higher-and-mightier-than-thou" air gaining to a tipping point of unwanted momentum—a "Perfect Storm" if you will—and, exactly what we do not need now. A teenager deeply entrenched in a battle of self-esteem might not want to or know how to identify with a "celebrity" who has made it. This is serious stuff and not to be treated as a media moment for the fortunate who have made it through rough times.

Let's push ourselves to think a little more carefully about this. If there's a way to reach out to the adults around these kids somehow independently, that's where we should focus our energy. The adults around the teenagers need the attention, the support, and the hotlines not the teenagers. Many teenagers prefer not to have attention drawn to them. How many of us can recall a story about how a kid was embarrassed to have his or her parents drop them off at the front of the school but instead a block away so they could arrive unnoticed? After a series of bullying and consequent low self esteem, one of these teenagers signed a "contract" with a social worker stating that she would not harm herself without calling a hotline on a [business] card that she agreed to carry with her at all times. Instead, she threw it in the trash in her bedroom and then hung herself the very next day.

The adults are the ones with the homophobia and the bullying mentality. Kids by nature are not inherently homophobic or bullys at all. They need to be encouraged to succeed in whatever way they can without gay issues and bullying dominating their portrayal on the news, in the media, or from our gay elites, again drawing attention to the victims as having something wrong with them. By no means advocating to ignore the sexuality issues or bullying at all, but rather, we need to put more focus on the whole of our teenager's experiences and approach this issue differently.

The best thing we adults can do is to be friendly and encourage interests and successes on a bunch of other fronts and better results will follow for both the bullies and their victims. The parents and the teachers of the "bullying" need the most help and not just on the sexuality front but all prejudices and "isms" that provide unwanted runoff to our kids.

We need a "parents-and-teachers-of-bullying" hotline. These struggling parents and teachers need to make the calls or be called or called out instead of us telling an already-awkward teenager that "it gets better." How many teenagers really understand the complexity of this statement? First of all, the statement can imply that there is something "wrong" with them that they need to suffer through somehow until the "it" gets better. NOT!!! There should be no "it" and they should not be told that something gets better that isn't their fault at all and should not be given hotline cards to further alarm them that something is REALLY wrong.

Advocating a "waiting period" for change does not work for teenagers. They should be honored for whatever state they happen to find themselves in, and ideally, hotlines should not be in place for anyone. We should not have to resort to this approach in a well-developed community of respect. But if we have to have a hotline to placate a sincere, "let's do something" agenda, let's not for our average, do-not-want-to-have-attention-drawn-to-me teenagers, ok? Let's get teenagers and adults more involved together in their own communities so that a more natural reaching out and support takes place.

Teenagers have immediate needs that require far more care than continuous exposure to "we made it" platitudes coming from the current set of gay and lesbian GLBT's or gay-friendly adults who are "out." In fact, the "we made its" are better suited for adult peers who have been struggling with sexuality issues rather than the teenagers. Developmentally, young teenagers do not have the capacity to predict the consequences of their actions into the future nor do they know how to cope when they are imprisoned by bullying. According to the most accurate research on child development, their sense of time is not as fully developed as adults—the very adults who are in charge of their welfare. Just because an adult can see the consequences, potential harm, or light at the end of the tunnel does not mean that they should approach this issue assuming that teenagers have the same capacity to understand a progression from the "it" to the "it gets better" mentality. "It" does not get better for most teenagers in the moment. We need a "what's hot" approach for our teenagers to share successes and congratulate the successes of others. Let's have a "Step Up" for respect campaign in each community to help the parents and teachers and utlimately the teenagers.

Step Up, Step Up, Step Up....NOW!

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